Athenaeum is a collection of graduate students interested in British and American literary and non-fiction works of the period, central theorists, and the critical conversation surrounding these various works. The group welcomes all interested graduate students throughout the humanities, from those just beginning graduate school to those writing the dissertation, as well as post-docs and faculty. Each year, the group will choose a theme so that the readings and discussion revolve around this broad theme. This network also functions as an area for exploring issues of professionalization by conducting workshops pertaining to the state of the academic field, grant writing, job talks, etc. In addition, the group is cognizant of the need to conference and publish, and will hold mock conferences, readings/reviews of each others’ work, and sponsor settings for individuals to discuss works and ideas in progress.  Moreover, Athenaeum strives to sponsor interested guest speakers from SLU and the surrounding area universities.

The group’s name is derived from The Athenaeum, a literary magazine published from 1828-1921. It was known for being one of the most widely circulated and influential weekly publications, receiving submissions from Lord Kelvin, T.S. Eliot, Thomas Hardy, Robert Graves, Aldous Huxley, and Virginia Woolf, among others.

Schedule: bi-monthly meetings, with one meeting focused on a reading and the other meeting focused on professionalization; days and times will accommodate members of the group.

For more information, contact current organizers: Blanca Santonja González (bsantonj@slu.edu), Carol Hogan (hogance@slu.edu), or Natalie Monzyk (monzyknr@slu.edu)

Past Organizers: Heather Bozant Witcher and Angie Blumberg (2013-2016)


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