“Culture Industries,” MSA 18

Panel Proposals Deadline: April 15, 2016

Dates: November 17-20, 2016

Location: Padadena, CA

CFP Link

The term “culture industries” may have been coined almost a century ago, but it remains as relevant as ever and provides the theme for the 2016 MSA annual conference in Pasadena, California. New modes of cultural production and consumption continue to inform our everyday lives, and they are increasingly shaped by the presence of innovative transport, communication, and media technologies. If distances are shrinking as a result, we need to continue addressing how the concepts of urban/regional, national/transnational, local/global cultures are getting redefined in the process. Southern California is an ideal site for such an exercise: once the capital of a monolithic culture industry reviled by Theodor Adorno, it has remained a lively nexus for an ethnically diverse population that encourages the proliferation of cultures in the plural. An ongoing challenge, then, involves the close examination of how the very concept of culture is increasingly bound up with new ways of thinking about old distinctions between high and low, serious and popular, aesthetics and form, politics and identity, self and other, human and machine.

The conference organizers for “Culture Industries” invite proposals for seminars and pre-conference workshops (due Feb. 26), panels, roundtables, poster sessions, multimedia/digital exhibitions (due April 15). We encourage proposals relevant to the conference theme but welcome panel, seminar, and roundtable proposals on all topics related to modernism. The primary criterion for selection will be the quality of the proposal, not its relevance to the conference theme. We ask that proposals provide complete panels and roundtables. Individuals seeking to create or to participate in a panel or roundtable are encouraged to visit the MSA CFP page or the MSA Facebook page for guidelines to develop and opportunities to promote a panel or roundtable. All proposals must include requests for AV provisions.

All queries should be directed to MSAPasadena@gmail.com.

Streams: In order to encourage interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches and to draw upon the special opportunities presented by this year’s Southern California location, the Pasadena organizers will be considering panels run under two special streams: “Dream Factories,” which will focus on extraliterary topics such as surrealism, psychoanalysis, fashion, architecture, cinema and design; and “California and the Cultures of Modernism,” which will consider linguistic, cultural, and racial diversity within modernism. If you are interested in proposing a panel linked to either of these streams, please make this clear in your proposal. Please direct questions about streams to the Program Chair, Lisi Schoenbach, at aschoenb@utk.edu, or to the Chair of Interdisciplinary Approaches, Scott Klein, at klein@wfu.edu.


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