Thomas Hardy Association Student Essay Prize

Deadline: August 31, 2016

The Thomas Hardy Association (TTHA) invites submissions from students, on any aspect of Thomas Hardy’s life, work, or reputation, for the 2016 Student Essay Prize Competition. Criteria include:

§  Originality and strong scholarship.  Maybe it’s a study for a thesis chapter.  Maybe it’s a really good and further developed term paper.  Maybe it’s a side project that wouldn’t otherwise see the light of day.

§  Pre-editing by a major professor in the student’s academic department is recommended but not essential: the faculty member’s name would appear in the acknowledgments.

§  Maximum length: 6000 words.

§  Essays will be evaluated by members of The Thomas Hardy Association’s Editorial Board who will rank them and offer a few comments. 

The three first prizewinning-essays will receive:

§  Publication in the prestigious The Hardy Review:

§  Free TTHA membership. Choice of three recently published book-length studies on Hardy.

§  A cheque each for $100.

Runners-up will be awarded free TTHA membership and choice of 3 back numbers of The Hardy Review.

Please address e-copy to TTHA Editor, at

Hard copy to
The Editor,
The Hardy Review,
124 Bishop St, New Haven CT 06511


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