“Victorian Work and Labor”

Deadline: June 1, 2015

Dates: October 2-3, 2015

Location: Converse College, Spartanburg, SC

CFP Link

The concept of personal, as well as societal, industry was essential to the Victorian sense of self. The idea of work as a virtue, a duty, and a privilege was widespread (and sometimes mocked). For the 44th annual meeting of the VICTORIANS INSTITUTE, we invite proposals from a variety of disciplines addressing issues of Victorian work and labor.

Papers or panels on poetry, prose, nonfiction, visual art, or historical context are welcome, as are presentations on the pedagogy of teaching Victorian literature.

Selected papers from the conference will be refereed for the Victorians Institute Journal annex at NINES.

Send 200 – 250 word proposals and a brief one-page CV to Anita Rose, anita.rose@converse.edu, by June 1, 2015. Proposals should include contact information. Panel proposals should provide contact information for all participants, a synopsis of the panel and abstracts of all papers to be included.


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