“Confluence and Division,” MSA 2015

Deadline for seminar proposals: February 28, 2014

Deadline for panel proposals: May 9, 2014

Dates: November 6-9, 2014

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

CFP Link

Taking our cue from Pittsburgh’s history and character, the Modernist Studies Association conference theme encourages a focus on the confluences and divisions of plural modernisms, and on forces of modernity underlying cultural shifts that powerfully conjoin and pull apart the twentieth century’s socio-economic and cultural fabrics.

What emerges as modernisms and modern forces interact – “high” and “low” culture, wealth and poverty, ethnic and racial diversities, capital and labor, environmental and industrial, etc.? How can modernist practices, aesthetics, and formations be situated within or in relation to modernity’s energies, imagined as layers, structures, and figures of confluence and division? How can an interdisciplinary movement across “divisions” create new “confluences” in modernist studies?

The conference organizers for CONFLUENCE AND DIVISION invite proposals for seminars, workshops, panels, roundtables, and multimedia/digital exhibitions in modernist studies.

All queries should be directed to msasixteen@gmail.com



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