“Elsewheres,” JMMLA Special Issue

Deadline for queries: March 15, 2014Deadline for essays: September 15, 2014


The editors of JMMLA seek essays about the literature, film, music, and art of places that don’t really matter, places whose adjacency to the capitals of the world confirms their lack of sway. Especially welcome are essays that explore the consequences that come from the way literary and artistic value gets determined, the way consumers of culture continue to count on a handful of institutions to vet the art of the elsewhere.

“Elsewhere” is a term that is hospitable to more established ways of thinking about the relationship between center and margin—from Raymond Williams’s “country/city” designation to the various porous binaries of postcolonial theory and ecocriticism—but that also accounts for the unevenness of the opposition. “Elsewhere” presupposes a somewhere in the same way that “99%er” confirms the one percent while also highlighting the inequality built into the opposition.

Essays should be around words and should follow the most recent MLA Style Manual for internal citation and Works Cited. Please direct your queries and submit your essays electronically to jason.arthur@rockhurst.edu.


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