INCS 2014 “Susan Morgan Graduate Student Essay Prize”

Deadline: March 1, 2014

Submission Guidelines


Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS) is pleased to announce the inauguration of the Susan Morgan Graduate Student Essay Prize. The prize has been established in honor of Susan Morgan, Distinguished Professor of English at Miami University, a prolific, interdisciplinary scholar of nineteenth century literature and culture, and a longstanding member of INCS.

  • 1) The Susan Morgan Graduate Student Essay Prize will be awarded annually, at the annual conference each year. The inaugural 2014 prize will be awarded in Houston, Texas.
  • 2) Eligible essays must be posted to the INCS conference website by the submission due date and presented for discussion by the author at the conference. Submissions may not exceed the length specified for INCS papers on the conference website; for 2014, the length is 4,000 words. Only people whose proposals have been accepted for the conference are eligible to submit a conference paper and be considered for the prize.
  • 3) The prize will be announced at each annual conference.
  • 4) The award is $500 and publication of the essay in Nineteenth-Century Contexts, the INCS-affiliated peer reviewed journal. The winning author will work with readers for the journal and be given the opportunity to revise the essay prior to publication.
  • 5) The second-place essay will be awarded the designation “Honorable Mention.”
  • 6) The due date is the date designated for papers to be submitted prior to the INCS annual conference. For the inaugural 2014 essay prize, that date is March 1, 2014. Papers submitted after that date cannot be considered for the prize.
  • 7) Papers should be uploaded to the conference website in doc format, per website instructions. Please include this phrase at the top of submission papers: SUBMISSION FOR THE SUSAN MORGAN GRADUATE STUDENT ESSAY PRIZE (which will be removed before the paper is posted to its assigned conference panel).
  • 8) The competition will be judged by a panel of judges appointed by the INCS board.
  • 9) No judge will be allowed to assess his or her own submission or to assess work submitted by anyone with whom the judge has worked closely.
  • 10) INCS reserves the right to award no prize in any given year.

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