“Task of the Translator”

Abstract Deadline: December 1, 2013

Dates: March 20-21, 2014

Location: Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois

Entire CFP Link

Keynote speakers: Robert Alter, University of California at Berkeley and Clare Kavanagh, Northwestern University

Translation lies at the heart of human understanding, and its transactions take place both within individual languages – as we strive to overcome differences in identity and distances over time – and across linguistic boundaries. Literary critics and theologians alike have argued that translation is a hallmark of the Christian tradition, rooted as it is in the transnational character of the Christian movement and the polyglot nature of its Scriptures. In turn, translation remains an ongoing concern of Christian witness and an essential feature of the cultures and identities that the Christian faith fosters. We invite proposals that address the conference theme from the vantage point of literary and cultural history, in the context of theology and the theory of interpretation, or from the perspective of the active work of translators. Papers may address specific authors or works as well as larger linguistic, historical, and theoretical questions. For those whose wish to present and discuss examples of their own translating work-in-progress, a brief description of the project (rather than a formal abstract) will be sufficient for review.

Please send abstracts or descriptions of translation projects (250 words or less) by December 1, 2013 to roger.lundin@wheaton.edu.

**If interested in attending, contact Hal Bush for the possibility of carpooling.


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