“Emotions,” PMLA

Submissions due: November 4, 2013

PMLA, Coordinators: Katharine Ann Jensen and Miriam L. Wallace

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How do human beings experience or recognize emotions—our own and those of others? What distinguishes an emotion from other faculties and sensations, and how do different fields engage these complex concepts? These questions have recently been the focus of affect studies, which elucidates how visceral forces beyond consciousness impel us toward movement, thought, and relation and explores affect’s ethical, aesthetic, and political implications.

The PMLA Editorial Board invites essays that reflect on theories or representations of emotions in any period or cultural tradition. Potential contributors are encouraged to consider such questions as these: In what ways have emotions been valued as a form of knowledge or refinement; in what ways have they been rejected or associated with the uneducated? How and why have emotions been gendered or racially defined? How have emotions been understood to affect the imagination? How has emotion been conceptualized as disembodied or as excessively embodied, and what are the implications of these competing notions? What have been the psychological aspects of emotions, whether repressed or unbridled? What are the affective dimensions of reading or viewing (sympathy, identification, alienation, subjective transformation)? What have been the epistemological, aesthetic, political, or moral dimensions of emotion?


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